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[1] In the case of articles accepted for publication, a fee of 1 000 PLN is charged by Military Logistics Systems (Applies to articles submitted to SLW after September 18, 2023. Payment is reqired by the SLW editorial office after reviews when the article is approved for publication);
[2] The journal accepts manuscripts written in English;
[3] The author undertakes to comply with journal's ethical standards;
[4] In accordance with the standards specified for scientific journals by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editorial board asks the Authors to disclose information about entities contributing to the publication - Procedure securing the originality of the publication;
[5] Manuscprits must be sent via via the electronic submission system;
[6] Articles must be prepared in accordance with the rules for developing a scientific article: .docx or .pdf;
[7] Articles sent to the Editorial Office must be:
a) complete – with all lists, footnotes, illustrations, tables, captions, precisely entered formulas;
b) final
– proprietary changes during proofreading consist of minor substantive and linguistic corrections.
It is unacceptable to delete or insert large parts of the text, tables or illustrations after the article has been submitted for publication.
[8] The journal provides open access to its content - Polityka Open Access;
[10] The editorial office reserves the right to reject an application without a review, if the following criteria are not met:
a) The manuscript does not correspond to the journal's profile;
b) Work does not bring significant new knowledge or value;
c) The work does not present the discussed issues in a global dimension;
d) The work does not meet the editing requirements;
e) The quality of the work English is poor;
f) The work contains material errors or shortcomings;
g) Insufficient bibliography is used: obsolete items, locally published entries that are not included in the SCOPUS, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS database (at least 50% of entries should be cited in SCOPUS, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS; max. 2 self-citations).

A) Principles for preparing scientific publication - .docx
B) Principles for preparing scientific publication - .pdf
C) Article template - .docx
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