Reviewing and publication process

a) general principles

The Military Logistics Systems Journal has adopted a policy of double-blind review, in which both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the process. The editors send a text to the review without identifying the authors, without revealing their identity. This does not preclude the authors from quoting their own works. However, the authors must quote their works in a way that does not reveal their identity. Moreover, by submitting an article, the authors declare that it is not plagiarism.

b) rejection of scientific article;

The submitted article may be rejected in the following cases:
  • Associate Editors find it incompatible with the profile of the magazine or has blatant errors.
  • The review process will end with a clear rejection decision.
  • The practice of "ghostwriting" and "guestauthorship" was detected.
  • The form of the article does not meet the basic requirements of text editing.
  • The number of submitted articles is much higher than possibilities of publication.
  • The article is very similar to the previously rejected one.

In all cases, the decision on rejection is made by the editorial committee, and the authors are notified with the reasons for rejection and possible directions for further action.

c) publication process and review procedure

  1. The review and publication process begins after submitting a new article. The article accepted for review is assigned an identification number and the progress of preparation for publication is recorded. The assigned number is used in correspondence about the article.
  2. The article should be sent via the IT system (after setting up an account) available at:
  3. The submission of the article means that the authors agree with the following requirements: Articles published in the MLS journal should contain innovative solutions, original materials and information. The authors of publications published in the journal do not receive remuneration for this and accept the publication of articles in printed and online versions of the journal. Photographs and drawings in the submitted materials are placed at the responsibility of the authors of the articles.
  4. The article sent for publication in the MLS Journal is initially reviewed in the editorial office of the magazine. Each article accepted by the thematic editors is subject to review by two reviewers who are not affiliated with the authors' scientific unit. The reviewers are appointed by the Editorial Board (double blind review principle). Reviewers are selected according to the principle of avoiding conflict of interest.
  5. Information about authors and reviewers is not disclosed to both parties.
  6. The review consists of filling in the Form with space for additional comments. Reviewers are obliged to explicitly accept the article for publication or reject it. Acceptance may be conditional, i.e. the release for publication takes place after the removal of comments posted by the reviewer.
  7. More than two reviewers are required to be cited for an interdisciplinary or controversial article.
  8. The review is prepared in Polish. With the consent of the editorial office and the author, the review may be prepared in another language.
  9. A reviewer may request additional data (e.g. experimental data), used for writing an article, from the author only through the editorial office of Military Logistics Systems.
  10. Each stage of the review process may end with one of three decisions:
    acceptance of the article,
    rejection of scientific article,
    the need to complete and improve the article.
  11. In the last case, the Authors receive comments from the reviewers and possible Editor's comments. On this basis, the Authors make necessary changes in the content of the article. It is allowed to discuss the comments with the reviewer through the MLS Editorial Office.
  12. At the same time, the authors are obliged to attach a file in which they refer (point by point) to each comment contained in the review, indicating what changes have been made to the text. If the Authors do not agree with a comment and do not make any changes to the article on this basis, appropriate arguments should be provided. It is allowed to place the response to the review at the end of the submitted article.
  13. When the decisions of reviewers are extremely different, decisions on publication are made by the council.
  14. Minor and few editorial changes can be made in the editorial office, without the participation of the author.
  15. All reviewers have the right to re-evaluate the article before sending it to print.
  16. The review process is stopped when an article is finally rejected or accepted by both reviewers.
  17. The list of reviewers is published in the last issue of the magazine Military Logistics Systems in a given year and on the website Military Logistics Systems.
  18. The editors decide on the issue of the Journal in which the article will be published. This decision will be made after the last correction of the article.
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