Aim and scope

Journal "Military Logistics Systems" is a bi-annual scientific journal covering three areas:
1. Logistics in the Armed Forces
Logistics of the Polish Armed Forces.
Logistics in foreign missions.
Logistics as part of host-nation support.

2. Logistics in crisis situations of the state
Logistics in emergency states (state of natural disaster, state of emergency, martial law).
Logistics during disasters and technical failures.
Logistics in times of threats.

3. Logistics in the economy
Supply logistics.
Production logistics.
Distribution logistics.
Waste logistics.

Journal "Military Logistics Systems" has been published periodically since 1976 by the Institute of Logistics, Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management, Military University of Technology. It is addressed to research and teaching staff, logistic staff of the army and enterprises as well as students. It is a unique magazine on the publishing market containing articles both in the field of military and civil logistics. The high substantive value of the journal is recognized by a wide group of scientists and practitioners. Journal of Military Logistics Systems fully complies with the goals resulting from the Development Strategy of the Military University of Technology, and the topics covered in it are consistent with the mission of the university.
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