Analysis of aircraft equipment requirements to conduct RNP APCH approach operation
Maciej Roś 1, B-D
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Politechnika Warszawska, Zakład Inżynierii Transportu Lotniczego, Polska
Faculty of Transport, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, Polska
A - Research concept and design; B - Collection and/or assembly of data; C - Data analysis and interpretation; D - Writing the article; E - Critical revision of the article; F - Final approval of article
Submission date: 2021-10-20
Acceptance date: 2021-12-31
Publication date: 2021-12-31
Corresponding author
Anna Kwasiborska   

Zakład Inżynierii Transportu Lotniczego, Politechnika Warszawska, ul. Koszykowa 75, 00-662, Warszawa, Polska
SLW 2021;55(2):101-120
Aircraft traffic is constantly analyzed due to the issues of airspace and airport capacity. An important area is the approach to landing of aircraft at a given airport with the use of navigation aids. Navigation devices and systems are adapted to the legal requirements of European and international organizations. The use of the GNSS system with appropriate augmentation (ABAS or SBAS) defined as RNP APCH approaches is authorized for operational use during landing approaches. Their introduction resulted in the emergence of a number of benefits. The authors analyzed the requirements of the aircraft on-board equipment necessary to perform RNP APCH approaches. The research goal is to evaluate the RNAV on-board equipment of aircraft on the example of three air carriers (as of December 2018). The hypothesis was verified by estimating the high level of on-board RVAV equipment of the aircraft. The method of analysis was applied using the CNS Dashboard application provided by Eurocontrol. It indicates the declared navigational capabilities of airplanes based on ICAO flight plans sent by carriers to the Network Manager correlated with the PRISME Fleet 2 aircraft database. using the ABAS system (96% of respondents). On the other hand, none of the aircraft had the required equipment to use SBAS during landing. Based on the examination of documents and observation of the research area, it can be concluded that air carriers more and more often equip their aircraft with the required modules of RNP APCH landing approaches.
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